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PIPS 2016 Points Match

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:24 pm
by Kevcollins
This coming Saturday, June 18, will be our 2016 PIPS Point Match. You can expect to see at least 5 COFs and ~160 rounds. The shooters meeting will be held at 9:45 with shooting to start at 10am. Papering will be started at 8am and the COFs will not be available for walking until all papering and final check is complete. We will allow Pistol Caliber Carbine for this match and as normal, we will also support Carry Optics.

Please help us streamline and register online here ==>

Setup will be Friday at noon. If you can help setup, you can shoot at a discount and earn additional prize entries. Check in with either Steve Tri or Doug Anderson when you get there.

For those new shooters receiving this note, our Points match is basically nothing more than a larger match held on a Saturday. You won't see a lot of differences that Wednesday except additional rounds and COFs.

Kevin Collins
PIPS Match Director
USPSA MN Section Coordinator