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PIPS 2015 Fun Season, Week 1

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:17 am
by Kevcollins
Folks: I've just created the pre-registration form for the first week of fun season. Practiscore has changed a few things--yell if you see something that doesn't work. Entries now require phone numbers and I cannot disable them--the software says it is used to identify shooters. They have now made it possible to find clubs--search for PIPS from the Find Clubs link on Or you can go directly here ==> for this week's match.

I'm out of town and we have not settled on COFs or a theme yet. You can assume for now that we'll have 4 COFs and fun--that should be enough!

PS. Get those six shooters shined up and ready to rumble since we will do revolvers at the 9/16 match--week #2!! Let me be clear--that is NEXT WEEK *NOT* THIS WEEK. All divisions will be welcome of course but expect to be chastised if you're not sporting a wheel gun! ;-)

Kevin Collins
PIPS Match Director
USPSA MN Section Coordinator