2014 Dates Set

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2014 Dates Set

Postby Kevcollins » Thu Dec 12, 2013 10:32 am

For those of you that do not get the email, here is the note I sent on the 2014 PIPS dates:

Folks: Some of the dates are being set for 2014--you'll want to get them on your calendar now! We have identified PIPS season dates along with our major matches. The mnuspsa.org section calendar is being updated now. You can also check our club calendar at piwpsc.org for our match dates. If you enjoy shooting at Pine Island, you really need to consider the monthly MAPSA matches--2nd Sat of each month at Pine Island. This year the banquet featured a $14K prize table, including 7 guns!

Major Match Date Reference:
4/30-5/3 Single Stack Nationals
5/4 Revo Nationals
6/13-615 Area 5
6/28 Nordic Comp Shotgun
8/1-8/3 Area 3
8/14-8/17 MN Sectional (Match is 8/16)
11/1 MCC

MN Points matches:
5/10 MAPSA
5/17 MG&F
6/1 FRPC
6/21 PIPS
7/13 GRRC
7/19 FLSC

2nd Sat MAPSA (March - November)
12/13 MAPSA Banquet

3/29 Winter Storm Shoot
4/26 Single Stack Challenge
4/27 PIPS Orientation
6/21 PIPS Points Match
9/20-9/21 Two Days of Revo
10/25 Fall Classic
5/7-6/25 Season 1 (Wed 6pm)
7/9-8/27 Season 2 (Wed 6pm)
9/10-10/8 Fun Season (Wed 6pm)
10/15 Banquet (Wed 6pm)

Rimfire 5/24, 6/28, 7/19, 8/23

3-Gun 5/18, 7/6, 9/28
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