Season 1, Week 2

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Season 1, Week 2

Postby Kevcollins » Tue May 14, 2013 9:42 am

It looks like we'll have beautiful weather for tomorrow's match for a change! or maybe I shouldn't have said that...

Season 1, Week 2 will feature 4 COFs and 119 rounds, including the first 2013 appearance of the star. As always, the shooter's meeting is at 5:45 with shooting starting at 6pm. As with all weekly matches in 2013, if you want to earn a discounted entry fee or are in need of some advanced comaraderie, show up for setup *prior* to 4pm--we'll have someone there at 3:30pm or earlier.

Directions: The new temporary entrance is about 1/10 of a mile further up the northbound Hwy 52 lane as the old entrance. Unlike the old entrance, it does have a break in the median so that it can be accessed from either northbound or southbound lanes. Although the club is nearly done, we are awaiting good enough weather to finish cement, drainage tile, final gravel, and a few other things. The grounds remain in sensitive condition--please help us minimize impact by staying on the gravel and/or walkways and keeping any mud outside.

See you there!
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