Start of PIPS 2013 Season - May 8

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Start of PIPS 2013 Season - May 8

Postby Kevcollins » Tue May 07, 2013 5:19 pm

Tomorrow will mark the first weekly match of the 2013 PIPS season. Our new bays are going to be terrific but this "spring" we've been having has been less than kind to our mostly-done facility. The 15" of snow we had last week caused quite a muddy mess in the areas surrounding the bays and we're hoping it will dry up by then. As luck would have it, they are continuing to talk rain tomorrow afternoon, evening, and Thursday. Despite that threat, we are still planning on shooting.

The game plan is at least 3 and hopefully 4 COFs for ~100 rounds. Shooting to start at 6pm (shooter's meeting at 5:45). We'll keep an eye on the weather if we need to cancel, we'll try to have a note/post out by no later than 4pm.

Directions: The new temporary entrance is about 1/10 of a mile further up the northbound Hwy 52 lane as the old entrance. Unlike the old entrance, it does have a break in the median so that it can be accessed from either northbound or southbound lanes. Although the club is nearly done, we are awaiting good enough weather to finish cement, drainage tile, final gravel, and a few other things. The grounds remain in sensitive condition--please help us minimize impact by staying on the gravel and/or walkways. Please help us keep the mud outside and not inside.

Thanks and I'll see you there!

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