PIPS Single Stack Challenge

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PIPS Single Stack Challenge

Postby Kevcollins » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:04 am

Folks: Despite what the view might be out your window and the promise of more white stuff tonight, we are intending to hold our PIPS Single Stack Classic this Saturday. We hope and plan to use the new bays, assuming they will dry out in time. Our fallback plan is to use the old bays if we have no other choice.

Like our past Single Stack Classics, SS is encouraged but all divisions will be accepted. Unlike past SS Classics, this one will have SS-inspired COFs. We intend to have 8 COFs with 121 rounds. Lunch at the new digs will be included in the $25 match fee and we plan for a 10am start. We may have setup work remaining on Saturday am, depending on the weather, grounds condition, and how many people are there for setup on Friday.

So, dig out that SS, dust it off, and bring it down for a little exercise! Die Winter, Die I Say!!

Directions: The new temporary entrance is about 1/10 of a mile further up the northbound Hwy 52 lane as the old entrance. Unlike the old entrance, it does have a break in the median so that it can be accessed from either northbound or southbound lanes. Although the club is nearly done, we are awaiting good enough weather to finish cement, drainage tile, final gravel, and a few other things. The grounds remain in sensitive condition--please help us minimize impact by staying on the gravel and/or walkways.


P.S. Just to be clear, while we are planning to allow some rimfire during the league, it will not be allowed in these special events.
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