2015 Section Meeting Minutes

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2015 Section Meeting Minutes

Postby ttolliver » Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:19 pm

Minutes from the Minnesota Section 2015 Annual Meeting
Pine Island White Pines Sportsman’s Club
December 5, 2015

Call to Order
- The meeting was called to order by Kevin Collins at 12:11pm

Voting members of the Executive Committee in attendance
- Kevin Collins, Section Coordinator
- Tom Tolliver, MAPSA
- Ross Rosenberg, SCAPSA
- Rich Kavanagh, MG&F
- Joe Griffen, Oakdale
- Bob Linder, GRRC
- Kevin Collins, PIPS
- Ron Westberg, FLPSC

Non-voting members of the Executive Committee in attendance
- Frank Skog, Deputy Section Coordinator
- Ross Rosenberg, Treasurer
- Tom Tolliver, Secretary

Other individuals in attendance
- Mike Bertrand
- Duane Eggers
- Steve Tri
- Nancy Huspek
- Jon Huspek

2014 Minutes
- Tom Tolliver read the 2014 minutes
- No questions or corrections
- Bob Linder motioned to accept minutes; Ron Westberg seconded; executive committee voted to accept with no opposition

2015 Agenda
- Kevin Collins reviewed the proposed agenda
- Bob Linder motioned to accept the agenda; Ross Rosenberg seconded; executive committee voted to accept with no opposition

Treasurer’s Report
- Ross handed out and reviewed the report
- Opening balance for 2015 was $1180.78
- Current balance after a recent check clears will be $1,525.73
- It was pointed out that the match fee funds from section match budget does not match the match fees reported on Treasurers Report
- Ross noted there were a couple refunds, one from the insurance company
- Kevin noted that he and Ross had yet to review and reconcile the section match budget and the overall Treasurers report
- Kevin explained a few points that resolved the immediate question
- Ross reviewed details on the $10 recurring monthly payment
- Tied to prior year credit card service called Elevon
- After significant effort the Dec payment of $10 should be the last
- Bob Linder motioned to accept the report; Joe Griffen seconded; executive committee voted to accept with no opposition

Section Financial Report / Match Feedback
- Kevin reviewed the initial budget and final expenses for the section match
- Feedback he had received already included
- Recognition issue called out from previous year was much better
- PIPS club members were much more comfortable with the ownership of 3 bays and the club was willing to host one more year
- Would like crew to stay at the bay they constructed until after RM approves
- Feedback included a discussion of the section match being not-for-profit that progressed to a discussion of reinstituting per shooter match fees from the clubs
- In the past finances were evaluated at the match and cash prizes would be awarded to take the match budget to zero remaining balance
- A reserve currently needs to be held to cover insurance, taxes, and tax preparation fees that fall after the first of the year
- In an aside, Ross pointed out that one of our tax complications involves being a for-profit organization Federally and not-for-profit at the state level; legal fees are accepted to be over $1,000 to fix
- In the past any expenses like these may have been paid from the section reserves funded by the per shooter match fee paid by clubs, meaning local shooters were supporting the cost of the section match
- Discussion followed on reinstituting the per shooter match fee from clubs for purposes of funding activities from the past (list follows) or as a safety net
- Junior shooters were sponsored to training 3-4 times at ~$2,000; Dakota and another young lady were mentioned as likely candidates today
- Assisting struggling clubs
- Partially or wholly funding RO classes
- Section needs new radios today, and potentially timers
- Discussed that league clubs would suffer unduly from a per shooter fee; PIPS estimated 1200 shooters per year
- Ultimately SCAPSA and PIPS not in support; MAPSA not in support without a clearer purpose
- Kevin reiterated that we are meeting the requirements in the by-laws for the section match to break even
- Our section match plans over the last two years were to break even and leave enough funds to support insurance, taxes, and tax preparation
- We have no income or activity other than the section match
- Therefore the cost of insurance, taxes, and tax prep that occur once a year are in support of the section match and part of the match expenses
- No motions; discussion tabled

Section Match Awards
- Reviewed award winners and passed out section match plaques, most going to those likely to see shooters next
- It was pointed out in the past the annual section meeting was filled with shooters, in part meaning the awards could actually passed out in a forum recognizing the winners amongst their peers

Points Matches
- No recommendations made for changes

RO Class
- Scheduled for April 23/24 at PIWPSC
- 34 slots available; prospective shooters to contact Kevin
- $40 minimum, maybe up to $60
- 28 expressed interest, 4 have paid so far
- Remember to make an announcement at every match to get new ROs active

PIPS USPSA Orientation
- April 17th
- Also planning the 2 following Wednesday matches to be new shooter only
- Looking for mentors to 1-on-1 with the new shooters

MN Section Match Planning
- Decided to hold at Forest Lake this year
- Currently have 8 bays, but may have 2 additional by next August; this would suggest 10 bays plus chrono
- Stage distribution
- Initially assume one per club less Faribault and Oakdale
- SCAPSA can provide 2 stages and props, but not setup crew for both
- FLPSC assumes they can cover the balance
- Will coordinate prize distribution at check in to avoid length of post-match ceremony
- Match Dates
- Setup Thursday, August 4
- Staff Shoot Friday, August 5
- Match Saturday, August 6
- Kevin would like COFs by end of February
- Kevin and Ron to get bay dimensions for club stage planning

- Google Calendar remains in use; Tom to send out login/update instructions
- Clubs stepped through and reconciled normal match schedules
- 2016 Section meeting scheduled for December 3 at PIWPSC clubhouse

2016 Points Match Dates
- MAPSA May 14
- MG&F May 21
- SCAPSA June 4
- PIPS June 18
- GRRC July 9
- FRPC July 17
- FLPSC July 23

- Reviewed need to replace Dave Kralovetz and Ross Rosenberg
- Ross nominated Kevin Collins for Section Coordinator; Rich seconded
- Kevin Collins accepted the nomination
- No other nominations were made
- Kevin Collins election to office carried with no opposition
- Kevin Collins appointed Bob Linder as Treasurer
- Bob Linder agreed to the appointment
- The Executive Committee voted to ratify the appointment with no opposition
- Kevin Collins appointed Tom Tolliver as Secretary
- Tom Tolliver agreed to the appointment
- The Executive Committee voted to ratify the appointment with no opposition
- Kevin Collins appointed Frank Skog as Deputy Section Coordinator
- Frank Skog agreed to the appointment
- The Executive Committee voted to ratify the appointment with no opposition
- Tom Tolliver accepted role of prize coordinator; no formal appointment made

Open Forum
- No new topics

Meeting Adjourned
- Bob Linder motioned to adjourn the meeting; Joe Griffen seconded; executive committee voted to accept with no opposition
- Meeting adjourned at 3:08pm
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